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Welcome to Zoom bingo where you can learn all about online bingo, and play at some of the UK’s biggest and best known bingo sites.

We are experienced bingo players and huge fans of the game. We know that there are many websites that offer bingo reviews and lists of the best bingo sites so we don’t do that. What we do is show just 5 bingo sites that we play on a regular basis.

We have no need or desire to sign up to hundreds of sites and test them, we have in the past signed up to probably over 30 bingo rooms and have settled for 5 so that’s what we will tell you about.

Online bingo sites offer bingo players a lot of choices and this is something which has led to the tremendous popularity of the bingo sites. Players should be sure the site they decide to play on offers them the types of bingo games they like to enjoy. Many of the online bingo sites will offer their players 75, 80, and 90 ball games.

However, when it comes to the patterns players can choose from, there are an impressive amount which an online bingo site has the option of offering. Some of the more popular types of online bingo pattern games include the following:

Letter Patterns: The letter pattern games will require a bingo player to make a pattern which is in the shape of a predetermined letter. This pattern can be a lot of fun for players to try to achieve and adds some variety to the game. Players will want to be sure they understand which letter they need to create and which boxes will allow them to create it.

Shape Patterns: When it comes to shape patterns, the sky is the limit as far as the different shapes a player may be required to create in order to win. Some examples of the different shapes a player may be required to complete include the shape of an airplane, an arrow, a barbell, a bench, a cactus, a fish and many, many others.

Coverall: A coverall game can also be referred to as a blackout. In this game a player is required to fill in all of the spaces on the entire card in order to win the game. This bingo game takes quite a bit longer than most of the others. However, this is one thing about a coverall game that many online bingo players like. Often times a coverall game will be used in the online bingo tournaments due to the fact that it has the players playing for longer periods.

These are just some of the many patterns that will be available to an online bingo player and each bingo site will offers the ones it chooses. When it comes to choosing a pattern game, players will want to pick one that they can se themselves having a great time playing.

Players will also see that they can enjoy many different pattern games as they want when they log on to their favorite online bingo site. The variety that online bingo has to offer is just one of the many reasons so many bingo players have decided to take their bingo gaming to the Internet.