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A popular destination for sharing weather data over the Internet is Weather Underground, which is the world’s largest database of live personal weather stations. If free program downloads merely sharing your weather data to the world is your biggest goal, then just uploading it to the service will be sufficient. For example, seeing how a shift in wind direction affects weather conditions and temperature over several hours may provide clues as to what the weather may do in the near future.

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For example, the accuracy of temperature is ±0.5°C V/s±1°C from the weather stations of mid-market. There are quite a few conditions where this automated weather monitoring software’s can be utilized like sudden floods, road traffic conditions, harbor weather conditions and agriculturally related cases. Weather monitoring software applications help The Hydrological and Meteorological services to uplift their accurateness and promptness of forecasting and alarms. The developers and scientists have been endlessly putting their hard work in evolving the cutting-edge technologies which are more dependable as well as cost-effective.

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It also allows you to upload your weather data to the Internet, either through the Weather Underground or to your own website. Modern personal weather stations offer internet connectivity, which in turn allows the station to upload data to the Internet.

If your interest in the best weather apps extends to the lunar calendar, then My Moon Phase is a must-download. The app can help you pinpoint moonrise time as well as phases of the moon with an extensive calendar for tracking the cycles of the moon. You can even get notifications for when the moon is about to enter a particular phase. iOS users who opt for the Tier 3 subscription (the priciest option, with a $24.99 annual cost) can receive notifications for rain, snow, lightning strikes and storms.

The main timeline also includes UV information, and options for more granular information. Dark Sky has also been updated for iOS 14 and watchOS 7, adding a new icon to show when Precise Location is disabled as well as extra large watch complication for Apple Watch users. If you’re a Davis weather station owner, you don’t have much of a choice other than to purchase the WeatherLink software—regardless of whether you use it or not. This is because the software itself is bundled with a special dongle that is necessary to connect your Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro2 to your computer. While the software itself is a bit dated, it offers a high degree of customizability on how you can view your data.

Tier 2 subscribers ($9.99) can create custom reminders triggered by weather conditions, while the $3.99-a-year Tier 1 level brings alerts about critical weather conditions. The Android version has a Premium Club with time travel and widget features. A major interface revamp to Dark Sky put even more weather data right at your fingertips, including a precipitation map and handy hourly forecasts. Those additions join severe weather alerts, customizable notifications, and lockscreen weather digests.

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These software systems are capable to discover the diverse weather fundamentals and certified weather observation can get updated several times every hour. Automatic Weather Station Software mainly helps us by storing data for review. If you already have a weather station at your home or office, then you just have to connect the device with this software. However, there are notable brands like Davis for which you might have to purchase a dongle separately. But you must consider Cumulus only if you are okay with a slightly outdated software.

If you’re only using your personal weather station to find out the current weather conditions, you’re not using your station to its fullest potential. You can forecast and analyse much more by looking at weather trends over the longer term versus just observing whatever is happening at any given moment. There are many uses for historical weather information, but your desktop console often does not store more than a few hours of past data for review. This is where personal weather station software comes in, and why we recommend that you install it yourself to get the most out of your investment. 2) The Accuracy – In general, the accuracy of the Davis stations is twice accurate as compared to the stations of mid-market type.