Advance Loan Pro.Payday Loans & Check Cashing

Advance Loan Pro.Payday Loans & Check Cashing

Advance loan professional has a payday that is integrated title and customer installment loan pc software solution with optional built-in solutions such ACH and Teletrack queries all rolled into one package that is particularly engineered for Windows running systems, ideal for those individuals who have a company and wish to get financing to really make it develop, it really is simply crucial to bear in mind that there surely is a necessity to obtain assistance from a team like Salesforce. Advance loan professional extends term that is short long haul loans to clients in relation to a predefined rate of interest created in a dining table. Those who work within the cash that is quick fast cash company of earning temporary pay day loans and long term installment loans will appreciate its power to monitor clients while the loans provided to them, that are ideal for a lot of companies, that also can use tools as fire protection to prevent any accidents or eventualities during the workplaces for the company. Cash loan professional will print agreements, re payment receipts, checks, delinquency reports, deal listings, day-to-day operating summaries, and many other things.

  • One Screen Processing
  • Built-in Check Verification
  • Teletrack Queries
  • Fast Add Customer Form – Collects basic consumer information for quicker processing.
  • Loan Renewals/Extensions – enter number allowed during setup
  • Automatic principal decrease after a certain quantity of renewals.
  • Title Loans

  • Solitary or Multi Payment Loans
  • Built-In Refinance Feature – makes refinancing quick & simple
  • Customizable Payment Regularity (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Show on-screen Amortization Schedule while processing loan
  • Power to enter information that is collateral loan type
  • Attach photos of security to loan record
  • Print checks that are lien processing loan
  • Customer Installment Loans

  • Help for both Simple & Contractual Interest Loans
  • Standard Amortization
  • Completely installment that is customizable programs
  • Alternate payment that is first
  • Integrated Refinance Feature, increase loan quantity during refinance
  • Multiple Security kinds to select from (Check, Collateral, Signature, etc.)
  • Attach photos of security to loan record
  • Easy To Use Improvements:

    Item Contrast

    Multi-User and Multi-Store Abilities

    Cash loan professional is made on advanced level Client / Server technology therefore that you’ll never be restricted as the business grows, all you have to be sure will be look at the suggestions to allow you to boost your credit history. It is possible to get in on the credit card credit card debt relief programs with the aid of a credit guidance agency. This program supervisors allow you to determine a repayment procedure that matches your allowance then negotiate with your creditors for reduced interest levels. Have to include more computer systems? No issue. It is possible to run as numerous computer systems while you want at a shop location without having any extra charges. Getting them set up is a piece of cake. Just produce a shortcut into the host, additionally the operational system will run using that computer. There isn’t also a need to set up the application on each customer computer (although performing this might enhance performance just a little).

    The most useful news is the fact that advance loan professional makes use of TCP/IP protocol to talk to an advanced SQL database. Here is the exact same protocol utilized to navigate the online world. Therefore what this means is as you are able to effortlessly expand to satellite areas with absolutely nothing a lot more than a net connection. That’s right. You can easily run 1 shop or 100 shops in one database location. All that’s necessary is a connection that is internet. Because all shops share their data, any shop can conduct deals on records various other shops. Separate close outs are done at each and every store, therefore each store’s company summary info is divided. Observe that cash loan Pro is priced per location.

    Also if you decide to work with a model which hosts an alternate database at each and every location, you can easily make use of the Client / Server technology through the use of our Change Database function. With broadband online connections at your shops, it is simple to replace your working database to your of just a few mouse clicks to your stores.

    Advance Loan Professional Qualities:

  • Enter that loan with definable quantity & terms.
  • Multi Consumer & Several Money Drawer Capabilities.
  • Capability to limit loan amounts to minimum & maximum amounts that are allowable.
  • Capacity to limit a customer’s credit limit that is individual.
  • Immediately determine various interest levels based on specified loan quantities.
  • Capability to bypass interest quantity on brand brand new loans.
  • Track all money moving in to & from the money cabinet.
  • Print agreements, checks, & payment receipts, having the ability to reprint whenever you want.
  • Track Petty Cash & Miscellaneous Receipt Transactions.
  • Consumer Petty that is definable Cash Miscellaneous Receipt categories & reason codes.
  • Petty money expenses & Miscellaneous Receipt functions for the bucks cabinet.
  • Transfer funds between money compartments.
  • Effortless renewals which will satisfy a current loan & begin a loan that is renewed.
  • Renewal loans are tracked separately from brand new loans.
  • Automatic principal reduction after a certain quantity of renewals.
  • Can determine interest that is simple contractual interest quantities.
  • Customizable Receipts, include logo design &/or motto.
  • Bank deposit tracking with to date & year to date calculations month.
  • Capability to offer credits that are non-cash individual loans.
  • Capability to alter loan status such as for example Charge-off, Difficult, Legal, etc. Some statuses will minimize interest that is accumulating.
  • Power to charge-off loans to debt that is bad retain them for future records.
  • Delinquency reports.
  • Belated cost collection with capacity to waive & monitor the tru quantity & number of belated cost waivers.
  • Power to include records & responses to consumer documents.
  • Power to flag an alert notice for a person therefore another worker accessing that consumer record will likely be notified with urgent communications regarding the client.
  • Capability to color-code consumer documents predicated on requirements definable by you.
  • Help for printing mailing labels & envelopes.
  • Multi-level safety with individual password login for every employee.
  • Complete monitoring each and every worker deal & whenever it is done by them.
  • Automated protection verification display arises following a length that is specified of time passes.
  • Calendar & calculator pop-up displays for industries that want date & numeric inputs.
  • Context sensitive and painful assistance system.
  • Effortless deal reversals of any deal done throughout the present working day.
  • Money Checks for flat percentage or cost fee in line with the check quantity.
  • Create & alter as numerous reports while you as with our built-in Report Designer.
  • Export reports to different file kinds such as for instance pdf, excel, etc.
  • Capability to email reports to anybody anywhere.
  • Customizable Quickbooks export.
  • Attach pictures to Customer & Loan reports.
  • Attach documents to Customer & Loan reports (pdf, word, excel, etc).
  • ACH integration with Advantage Payment Systems (for lots more information please see our computer computer computer Software & Hardware Integration page).
  • Teletrack queries (to find out more please see our computer computer Software & Hardware Integration web page).
  • Check verfication system with Check A Check (to find out more please see our computer Software & Hardware Integration web page).
  • Bank card Processing with X-Charge Software (for more information please see our Software & Hardware Integration web page).
  • Remote Connection demands: Static Public internet protocol address or Dynamic internet protocol address resolving software Access to port forwarding on router