Is the fact that top (those pants) angry of camel epidermis?(no, why?) cuz i noticed the humps

Is the fact that top (those pants) angry of camel epidermis?(no, why?) cuz i noticed the humps

Tickle a feather to your pussy? ( just What?) We stated, “Particularily good climate.”

Will there be a magnet in here cuz baby We’m interested in You.

We saw you against over the available space, and I also fainted, and hit my mind. Therefore I ‘m going to require your number and name for insurance coverage reasons

Hey would you like to play Pearl Harbor. if yea. it really is where we sit right back and you blow the hell muzmatch login away from me

Hey (say their name), i am aware this isn’t a talk space but my lips wish to speak to yours

Do you know what would look good you. me

Had been you standing because of the fire? (why) cause the hair on your head is on fire

You therefore fine we’d bite yo toe nails and drink yo bath water.

Would you like milk? Cause you’ve got it around your lips

(two girls are conversing with one another) interupt them saying “hello ladies we don’t suggest in the future between you. or do we?

are your mother and father terrorists? Cause you are the bomb

Hey do an extinguisher is had by you cause your on FIRE!

Pardon me. Hi, i am writing an essay regarding the finer things in life, and I also had been wondering if i possibly could interview you.

Will you be a high jumper because u make my club get up.

Might you the BBQ ( just What BBQ?) My meat in your grill

Wanna make like scarface and say hello to my small buddy

The only vowels we need are U and I

Do a napkin is needed by you? since you look DIRTY.

have you been a pirate? she replies no why? cause i am diggin your booty.. (or upper body).

Baby, you provide the sunlight explanation to SHINE.

Are you experiencing 10 cents cause from right here you appear just like a dime

You have got monkey eyes that are wrench everytime I look into them my pea nuts tighten

“If I became nude, keeping some pie and ice cream, would that still be dessert? or would I?”

I have got the ship, you have got the harbor . just just what state we connect up for the evening?

Do you’ve got a Bandaid? Cos i recently scraped my leg dropping for your needs.

Are you going to i’d like to end up being the sunlight and hot that cold neck your offering me personally.



Have you any idea in which the nearest insane assylum is? Because infant, without you i am going crazy.

We will be considered a Dixie Chick and also you be my cowboy. now simply just take me personally away!

Woman do you really simply take karate because the body is throwing.

Your title must certanly be Daisy, because i’ve the amazing desire to grow you below!

Hey babe, could I get quantity? I do believe it will look better in my own pocket compared to your face.

“That shirt has become for you. On you, I would be coming too. if we had been”

Can be your name that is last pepper your SMOKIN!

hey baby wanna see the cooking pot of silver in the end of my rainbow

Could I make use of your phone to phone God & i must make sure he understands 1 of their angels are lacking

You have got one thing on your own ass..what. my eyes.

Ended up being your daddy a thief? ‘Cause somebody took the movie movie stars through the sky and put them in your eyes.

Have you figured out, the hair on your head and my pillow are perfectly colour coordinated.

Man. Xmas will need to have come early this 12 months as you where first back at my Xmas list.

(boy)wanna play titanic:(girl)yeah:(boy) whenever I state iceberg you are going down

Are you currently THE MATRIX, casue I’M THE MAIN ONE.

If Beauty had been a criminal activity, you had have the death penalty.

If we filp a coin what exactly are my likelihood of getting head?

Hey you understand what( exactly exactly what) you remind me personally of research (why) since your constantly willing to be achieved

Do a paper is had by you towel cuz we have dirty lookin at you!

If perhaps you were my deck I would personally simply simply simply take the nails out and screw you.

In it.. it is a fashion statment before you put that outfit on they were just clothes, But with you.

Was your Father an auto auto auto mechanic? Then exactly how do you receive this kind of finely tuned human anatomy?

Save a horse, drive a cowboy.

You are like milk, we just wanna allow you to be section of my complete break fast.