Range coronavirus (COVID-19) instances and risk in the united kingdom

Range coronavirus (COVID-19) instances and risk in the united kingdom

The number that is latest of coronavirus (COVID-19) instances and danger level in the united kingdom.

Be home more to cease coronavirus spreading.

Number of instances

At the time of 9am on 30 March 2020, an overall total of 134,946 individuals have been tested, of which 112,805 had been verified negative and 22,141 had been verified good.

As of 5pm on 29 March 2020, 1,408 clients in the united kingdom whom tested good for coronavirus (COVID-19) have actually died.

The numbers for test outcomes as well as for fatalities are put together from various sources. This is the reason the numbers for fatalities are reported from a youthful time compared to the numbers for test outcomes.

Danger degree

The danger towards the British happens to be raised to high.

Present federal federal federal government action

The federal government published its coronavirus action intend on 3 March.

On 10 February, the Secretary of State for health insurance and personal Care, Matt Hancock, announced strengthened legal abilities to safeguard public health.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 have already been applied to cut back the possibility of further human-to-human transmission in this nation by continuing to keep people in isolation where general general general public health care professionals think there was a reasonable danger a person could have herpes.

  1. 30 March 2020

Updated numbers. From today, 26 March 2020, recorded fatalities is supposed to be at the time of 5pm the day that is previous.

Enhance to your numbers for testing in UK

Updated test outcome numbers.

Updated numbers on test outcomes.

Added updated numbers.

Updated numbers and time

Updated test numbers

Updated numbers on test outcomes.

Updated test outcome numbers.

Enhance on case numbers, those people who have tested positive and the ones who possess unfortunately died.

Updated test outcome numbers.

The united kingdom danger degree has been raised to high.

Added new guidance for individuals with signs and symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Updated test outcome numbers.

Upgrade to numbers.

Updated Italy advice.

“to be determined” figures corrected – from 22 to 20.

Updated lockdown areas.

Now with local breakdown

Up-date on stats and change to 7am to enhance reporting. Regionalised information become posted later on today

Updated test result numbers.

Updated going back traveller advice for Italy.

Added updated numbers for test outcomes, including number of instances in each NHS England area.

Updated test outcome numbers.

Updated numbers for tests

Added updated figures on UK test outcomes.

29 February 2020

Updated stats and in addition clarified to any extent further stats is going to be accurate at the time of 0900 that day for persistence and accuracy.

28 February 2020

27 2020 february

26 February 2020

25 February 2020

Updated test outcome numbers.

25 February 2020

Updated advice for coming back travellers.

24 2020 february

Updated test outcome numbers.

23 February 2020

22 2020 february

21 2020 february

Improvement to check figures

20 2020 february

Updated test figures.

19 2020 february

Updated figures that are daily test outcomes.

18 February 2020

Updated figures that are daily test outcomes.

17 2020 february

16 2020 february

Constant upgrade to testing numbers.

15 2020 february

14 February 2020

Updated test outcome numbers.

13 2020 february

Updated test result numbers.

12 February 2020

11 February 2020

Updated numbers for anyone tested in the united kingdom.

10 2020 february

Updated numbers for many tested in British

9 2020 february

Updated data on coronavirus tests.

9 2020 february

4th situation of coronavirus in England

8 February 2020

Updated test numbers

7 February 2020

Updated numbers for coronavirus checks and reduction figures of people came back from Wuhan as each is outside of the incubation duration.

6 February 2020

Updated advice through the Chief health Officer.

6 2020 february

5 February 2020

Updated numbers – no brand new situations

4 2020 february

Updated advice for travellers

4 February 2020

Added url to FCO travel only lads durban advice for British nationals.

4 February 2020

Updated test figures – any further positive instances.

3 2020 february

Added Northern Ireland contact quantity for people who have came back from Wuhan or Hubei Province within the last 2 weeks, or from somewhere else in Asia and possess developed signs.

3 February 2020

Updated numbers – no new situations

2 2020 february

Updated numbers – no new instances.

1 February 2020

Updated test figures – any further positive instances.

31 January 2020

Added coronavirus information video that is public.

31 January 2020

Updated the advice for travellers from Asia.

31 January 2020

Updated test figures.

31 January 2020

Improve regarding first confirmed instances of coronavirus in England.