Pawning is easy – come and see or request an valuation on line:

Pawning is easy – come and see or request an valuation on line:

just simply Take an image of the valuables and deliver it to us.

You will get that loan offer by email.

Come and check out. You shall get the cash either in money or to your banking account.

Pawn loan

Helsingin Pantti’s pawn stores give loans ranging from €20 to €500,000. Loans could be provided to virtually any adult against valuables. The loan can be received by you straight away in money or into the banking account. The loan duration is 90 days. It is possible to restore and carry on your pawn loan as long as you would like if you are paying the attention and expenses or recover the pledge at any time by paying straight right back the mortgage. Throughout the loan period, you’ll be able to decrease the loan quantity if you are paying in instalments should you desire.

Due to the pledge, we could additionally give that loan to those people who have bad credit. Individuals who sign up for financing despite having credit that is bad not have to provide their credit score, and neither does other people. Furthermore, taking right out a pawn loan cannot keep a bad mark on the borrower’s credit score. A pawn loan is really a safe loan under all conditions.

The pledge will be auctioned if the borrower does not pay back the loan. In the event that product sales quantity surpasses Helsingin Pantti’s receivables, the pawner gets the extra quantity.

If you wish to sign up for a simple and stress-free loan, a pawn loan is an excellent solution.

1. Valuation arrive at us along with your valuables or require an valuation on line.

2. Loan offer An appraiser can have you with an offer instantly at our pawn e-mail or shop it for you as an answer to your valuation demand.

3. Loan indication the agreement at our pawn store and then leave your valuables with us. You will get the cash straight away in money or into the banking account.

Appraisal is expert work

At Helsingin Pantti, your valuables will likely be appraised by a professional. Once the market frontrunner in the market, we’re able to give you the expertise that is best. We use a thorough number of experienced specialists from numerous expert industries, makes it possible for us to offer a dependable valuation and the best possible cost for the valuables.

In the event that you distribute a digital valuation demand, that loan offer is likely to be e-mailed to you personally as soon as our specialist has valuated your valuables. From then on, the pawn can be chosen by you store closest for you and bring your valuables to us. Or perhaps you can are presented in directly – in almost any case, you are able to select whether you intend to have the profit money or to your bank account.

The payment of pawn loans is versatile

The mortgage duration for a pawn loan is 3 months. Whenever you remove financing, you are able to either simply take out of the optimum amount permitted by the pledge or just an integral part of it. You can easily restore your loan by only having to pay the costs and interest or, instead, lessen the loan amount through the loan duration if you are paying instalments. You select just how to handle your loan. You are able to do therefore effortlessly where- and whenever through the online pawn store.

Yearly interest

Example 1: In the event that client has brought down that loan of €400 and pays it straight straight back regarding the date that is due months later on, the quantity payable, including all interest and expenses, is €451.60. The actual annual interest is 47.1% in this case.

Example 2: In the event that client has had down that loan of €20,000 and will pay it right back on the date that is due months later, the total amount payable, including all interest and costs, is €20,906.00. The actual annual interest is 18.03% in this case.


Will you be puzzled about one thing pertaining to pawn loans? If you fail to discover the response to your concern right here, please contact our talk service, give us a call or come and check out some of our workplaces. We shall allow you to establish what direction to go next.

Just just What do i have to bring once I arrive at Helsingin Pantti?

Whenever you check us out together with your valuables, the only real other thing you will have to bring is formal recognition with a photograph, such as for example a legitimate passport, driver’s licence, identity card or perhaps a Kela card with a photograph.

Simply how much does a pawn loan expense?

The repayment quantity is dependant on the mortgage quantity and loan duration, which range from 1% to 3.8per cent/month. The mortgage service cost is €6.

How do you understand how big a pawn loan I’m able to sign up for?

Come and bring your valuable set for valuation or deliver a photograph of one’s valuables through our valuation that is online solution. Our specialists will valuate your product and employ this valuation to determine financing offer which you will receive instantly.

Imagine if usually do not pay off the loan?

Don’t worry about it. Following the loan duration, we shall retain your pledge for a before starting to prepare it for auction month. To start with, we shall remind you that your particular loan flow from for payment by giving a page to your address that is postal have actually supplied, until you have actually particularly forbidden it. Any unclaimed valuables will undoubtedly be sold at an auction that is weekly by Helsingin Pantti. In the event that valuables you utilized being a pledge for the loan leads to an auction, this may maybe not cause any dilemmas for you personally, once the pledge covers the mortgage quantity. You will definitely nevertheless be in a position to simply just just take down another loan in the foreseeable future, with no re payment standard entry may be produced in your credit rating for maybe not trying to repay your pawn loan.