Obtain Information. The Honorable Don YoungUnited States Home of Representatives

Obtain Information. The Honorable Don YoungUnited States Home of Representatives

Hello, Commissioner Monegan:

From the off opportunity you(repeated directly below) dated June 18, 2008; please review it, and compose a reply that you have not yet received my email to.

In the beginning and 2nd look, it will appear your division is reluctant to cooperate. Why would that be? i am rather confused regarding the not enough reaction it is remarkably similar to so many others who are strangely silent when I asked them direct questions from you or your staff. I do not have confidence in coincidences, generally speaking. Being a tuned expert, you almost certainly don’t think in them either. We once had a high regard of ast, until the terms and actions of my cousin, previous Trooper Anna Sanders, demolished that respect. Now my eyebrows that are skeptical raised; as though numerous activities and actions might be interlinked. I am looking towards having your actions renew my faith in AST.

I am on the way advertising my tale in Washington, DC in a few days. It could be my pleasure to highlight the Alaska Department of Public protection as being cooperative, and ready to either reopen, or even to resume inquires in to the murder of Cindy Elrod. There are numerous other incidences and tasks that ADPS should oftimes be investigating and are chronicled within my story “Frozen Fiefdom” but we maybe maybe perhaps not yet specific that is doing the address ups, and whom really did the crimes. Plainly, by the expressed words of other people, much is, and several may have.

We’d appreciate hearing straight back away from you straight, in a manner that is timely. Or even, We’ll pass the phrase up the ladder until some body provides me personally by having an answer that is acceptable.

Good Morning, Commissioner Monegan:

Can you please ask as to which staffer looks after giving an answer to my information demand of June 5, 2008, and possess them follow through?

Staff might have been confused by my final title, as the files on Cindy Elrod’s murder could have me personally detailed by my maiden title of Sanders. It had been my error not to add my previous title within my initial demand, and evidently no body has made the bond, or they usually have intentionally ignored my request.

Please e-mail me personally a response acknowledging my information request, and stating whether or not the requested transcript or other information will be forthcoming today.

Up to now, the possible lack of reaction to my previous demand, my recollection for the post murder meeting I’d at AST in Juneau, therefore the negative words and actions of a former Alaska State Trooper, my sis, Anna Kathryn Sanders for an unrelated matter, are not showcasing your business in the many light that is positive. I am doing my better to keep my estimation of police workers elevated, and also have suggested (in good faith) beneath the Daily Items and Updates section that ADPS/AST is cooperating. I do not intend to list this e-mail or any given information relayed in my experience by ADPS unless circumstances make that necessary. Let us keep consitently the energy going up, and use the exact same team for legislation and justice become fully offered. Cindy’s murder is just a little an element of the tale, nonetheless it appears to have a link that is possible.

Paula Rose penned:

I became interviewed regarding the murder of Cindy Elrod, right after her death sugardaddie prices. I really believe it was in August of 1983, but you will have the precise date and time.

I wish to get a written transcript and a recording regarding the meeting, and of the time that is second we stopped because of the Juneau AST workplace and provided a little little bit of extra information, a while from then on. Once more, your workplace may have the dates that are exact and participants of the change additionally.

Please review the information and knowledge noted on my internet site, and deliver either a WILCO with a delivery that is estimated, or an “information isn’t available” reply, and any certain explanation as to the reasons i mightn’t manage to have a duplicate of my meeting record.

My web web web site is updated frequently, underneath the Daily Items and Updates web page. I really hope in order to include AST therefore the Alaska Department of Public protection to be helpful, and interested in re solving this murder.

MODIFY: 29, 2008 july. Within the news today, Senator Stevens was indicted on several things; with additional than one Branch poking in to the transactions of both Senator Stevens and Congressman Don younger. It is an explanation that is handy to why neither of them responded my e-mails, but a lot of concerns have already been raised. Just exactly What a time that is ideal an Information Swap! I have heard that the Feds choose to provide just a little to have a great deal; the opportunity has fallen in to the laps associated with Alaska Representatives to try out “Why don’t we produce a Deal” by sharing old information in order to avoid present day prison time. Needless to say, it really is entirely possible that both Stevens and Young do not know the things I’m discussing, but i will be offered to recharge their memories of the old time tales and dusty old rumors. Should be one thing in their mind, on the basis of the actions of the i am aware and others that are countless. Or in addition to this; they might both seem like heros by calling for a complete investigation and beginning the motor regarding the very first backhoe.

MODIFY: July 27, 2008. Within the character of equal transparency and opportunity; I delivered an invite to examine and answer my website content to Alaska Congressman Don younger. Both Don younger and Ted Stevens are extremely positioned inside the world that is political and have now offered Alaskans for many years. It is reasonable to think that our elected officials might have at least heard a passing whisper about them if I know about certain things which happened in the Big Berg, right along with members of my family who also do. Then it is logical to think that they might be more than curious as to hearing about them, and firing up a full investigation if not. Unless.

The Honorable Don YoungUnited States Home of Representatives

Please have overview of my web site, and share beside me your viewpoint as to the reasons government that is certain could have such a company curiosity about Alaska, plus some associated with the residents, past and present. You start with the hyperlink straight below, you could find an answers that are few or have a lot of questions rise in your brain.

We additionally have part that I recently posted, and you will be contributing to, as soon as the addressee doesn’t react.

Looking towards your response.

WHILE THE VERIFICATION RECEIPT (again, we pasted it into my YAHOO mailbox)